Hold on…and Let go

I saw something yesterday that said, “What would you tell your younger self?” A very thought-provoking question for New Year’s Eve… Many of the responses were predictable and pretty generic: “Don’t go on that date.” “Don’t take that job.” “Don’t marry that man.” “Have more fun. Take more chances.” Do this. Do that. Don’t do … More Hold on…and Let go

Plot Twists

I’m not going to lie. I was quite aggravated earlier today. I’ve spent practically the entire day doing college assignments. There were so many other things I needed to be doing, and even more that I wanted to be doing. I thought my days of spending Saturdays in front of a computer screen or with … More Plot Twists

A Good Repenter

Anyone who knows me even remotely well knows that I am in no way, shape, or form a morning person. I absolutely hate getting up early. Well, last night I was up entirely too late (because reading), and when I woke up early this morning, that was what immediately ran through my mind: “I HATE … More A Good Repenter